Directed by Matthew Porterfield

Louverture Films is a Co Producer



  • Maryland Film Festival 2018
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018
  • Virginia Film Festival 2017
  • AFI Fest 2017
  • Denver Film Festival 2017
  • Philadelphia Film Festival 2017
  • Vienna International Film Festival | Viennale 2017
  • São Paulo International Film Festival 2017
  • American Film Festival 2017 (Poland)
  • New Hampshire Film Festival 2017
  • Chicago International Film Festival 2017
  • CPH PIX 2017 (Copenhagen)
  • San Sebastian Film Festival 2017


SOLLERS POINT tells the story of Keith (McCaul Lombardi), a twenty-four-year-old newly released from prison and living with his father (Jim Belushi) under house arrest in Baltimore. Keith is struggling to reestablish himself, and break free of the bonds forged behind bars, within a community scarred by unemployment, neglect, and deeply entrenched segregation. His intentions are in the right place and he possesses an aggressive desire to get back on his feet, but as he taps into all his familiar resources, he finds that he may be reverting to his old ways.