How do I submit a project to Louverture Films?

Louverture Films does NOT accept unsolicited pitches, treatments, screenplays or works-in-progress. If you would like us to consider your project for development or production, please telephone our office to discuss the project in brief. If we would like to receive further information for consideration, we will request it. We maintain a careful record of materials we have requested, so be please be advised that any other submissions will not be opened and will either be returned to you or disposed of. Once a project is officially accepted for submission, it will be reviewed, and we will get back to you in as timely a manner as possible.

How do I inquire about casting opportunities in films produced by Louverture Films?

Current Louverture projects have now been cast. Please check this site again when a new project is announced.


There are currently no job openings available in the New York office. Internships may from time to time become available, however, and you are encouraged to send a cover letter and CV outlining your specific interests, relevant experience and education level, as well as the timeframe of your availability.

How do I contact Danny Glover to invite his participation in an event?

If you would like to invite Danny Glover to participate in an event, you may inquire about his availability by contacting Carrie Productions in Berkeley, California at telephone: +1-510 450 2500.

How do I contact Danny Glover to act in or direct my movie?

Please contact Danny Glover's agents at International Creative Management (ICM), 8942 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA.